About the Artist

1932       Born in Sunderland, County Durham


1941-44   Joins Newcastle Royal Grammar School, currently evacuated to Penrith. Falls in love with the Lake District

1944        Returns reluctantly to North East

1946-49   Accumulates a large portfolio of pen-and-ink and scraperboard pictures, mostly of Lake District scenes

1949-51   Abandons artwork to concentrate on academic studies

1951-60    Wins scholarships to Oxford and Yale

1960-97   Holds academic posts in various British and American universities

1997        Retires from post of Professor of American Studies at UEA

2008-10   Resumes pen-and-ink and scraperboard drawing, abandoned 60 years previously to complete How It Was: Memories of Growing Up in the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s

2010      Scanning his teenage drawings into the text of his memoir alerts him to the potential of digital painting

2011       Begins adding colour to his digital paintings and selling them as greeting cards and calendars

2012      Thanks to the patronage of Jarrolds, Waterstones and other local stores demand for his greeting cards and calendars grows

2013     As part of its 50th Anniversary Celebration UEA sponsors a one-man exhibition of his paintings in the Hostry of Norwich Cathedral.

2015    He publishes a collection of his work under the title of Digital Paintings.

2015-2020 Receives commissions for larger pictures from Norwich City Football Club, UEA, Norwich School and various other local institutions and individuals.

Over the past ten years he has accumulated a portfolio of over 800 paintings, copies of which can be viewed on his website www.howardtemperley.com. His work is regularly displayed at regional art shows, in addition to which he currently sells some 3,000 copies of his images annually as greeting cards through the Forum, UEA , the Dozen and Elveden

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  1. Charles Jackson | Reply

    I was born in Darlington 1951
    same neck 0f the woods really like your art work someone sent me 708 early morning shoppers and had to look you up the next lot of cards I get will be yours so many places I know used to work in TV Film so many have been locations and others have stayed I do like the Trees Beautifull yours all the best

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