About My Artwork

Greetings and welcome to my newly-refurbished website.

As you will see, I produce computer drawn images. These are currently available

  1.  As 4”x 6” greeting cards in cellophane, complete with envelopes, for 75p plus postage. Given that all the images are not in print all the time, it would be helpful if cards were ordered in batches of a dozen or more and that prospective purchasers offered alternatives to the images of their first choice.
  2.  As prints in varying sizes, framed or unframed, on art paper or on canvas.

As these latter have to be commercially done, prices vary, but to give you a rough idea of what they might be an A-3 giclee print on art paper currently costs £100 unframed and £200 framed. Canvas prints  cost more, but as they don’t require framing the costs tend to even out. For example, a meter square canvas print would cost around £350

For further information email me at info@howardtemperley.com or telephone me at 01603 528023

To see how I achieve my effects, click on the image to the right and follow the link.

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